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Municipal districts

Bazarnosyzgansky District
Bazarnosyzgansky District
  • Population –10,9 thousand
  • Area: 825 km² (2.2% of the area of Ulyanovsk Region).
  • Region's length: 56 km from north to south, 24 km from west to east.
  • It borders Penza Region (Sosnovoborsky District), Inzensky, Baryshsky and Veshkaimsky districts of Ulyanovsk Region
Baryshsky District
Baryshsky District
  • Population – 46 thousand
  • Area: 2256 km² (6.3% of the area of Ulyanovsk Region).
  • It borders Bazarnosyzgansky, Veshkaimsky, Mainsky, Kuzovatovsky and Nikolaevsky districts of Ulyanovsk Region and also Penza Region.
Veshkaimsky District
Veshkaimsky District
  • Population – 22,0 thousand
  • Area: 1426 km² (3.8% of the area of Ulyanovsk Region).
  • It borders Bazarnosyzgansky, Baryshsky, Karsunsky, Mainsky and Inzensky districts of Ulyanovsk Region.
  • Dimitrovgrad is the administrative centre of Melekessky District in Ulyanovsk Region, it has the second highest population and industrial production concentration in the region.
  • Population – 127, 5 thousand (as of 01.01.2010).
  • The town's area is about 4,150 ha and is on the Bolshoy Cheremshan River where it flows into the Kuybyshev Reservoir.
  • It is about 85 km to the region's capital, Ulyanovsk, and about 160 km to Samara and 100 km to Tolyatti in Samara Region.