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General information

Economic and geographic situation

Ulyanovsk Region is located in the southeast of Russia, in the centre of the Volga Federal District.

Территория Ульяновской области составляет 37,2 тыс. км²
Ulyanovsk Region covers 37.2 thousand km²


  • To the north lies the Chuvash Republic and Republic of Tatarstan;
  • To the east Samara Region;
  • To the south Saratov Region;
  • To the west Penza Region and the Republic of Mordovia.

Large towns:

  • Dimitrovgrad – population 128 thousand
  • Inza – population 19 thousand
  • Barysh – population 17 thousand
Ulyanovsk Region is a large transport hub

Developed industrial base:

  • Within a radius of 500 km there are 47 thousand industrial plants, which produce 15% of Russia's industrial production
  • Within a radius of 1,000 km there are 193 thousand industrial plants, which produce more than 50% of Russia's industrial production

High consumer potential:

  • There are more than 20 million potential customers within a radius of 500 km
  • There are 44 million customers in a radius of 1,000 km


Ulyanovsk Region is in a temperate-continental area and in a forest steppe zone. The region stretches 250 km from north to south and 280 km from west to east.

The average multi year air temperature in January is -13°С, in June +18.5°С. Average multi year rainfall is 430-440 mm. The average crop season is 135-140 days.


Ульяновск входит в 20 крупнейших городов России

Ulyanovsk is one of the 20 largest cities in Russia:

  • Region area: 37,2 thousand km²
  • Population: 1,3 million
  • Central city: ULYANOVSK
  • Population: 625 thousand.
  • The most multi-ethnic and tolerant city in the Volga region
  • The birth rate is increasing and emigration from the region is declining

Innovation potential

Leading scientific organisations
  • Ulyanovsk Research and Technological Design Institute of Machine Building JSC (UNIPTIMASH)
  • Ulyanovsk Research Institute of Agriculture of the Russian Agricultural Academy
  • Ulyanovsk Instrument Manufacturing Design Bureau JSC
  • Ulyanovsk branch of the Institute of Radio electronics RAS
  • OKB Iskra JSC
There are 31 companies working in the field of innovation

Ulyanovsk Region is in the top 5 Russian regions for the share of R&D in GRP

More than 7 thousand people are employed in R&D.

According to Rospatent, Ulyanovsk Region is one of the regions with a high level of inventions (3.46 coefficient).

Through developing promising hi-tech projects, attractive conditions have been created in the region for realising the innovative potential of Russian and foreign scientists in the nuclear, aviation and agriculture industries.


Tourist potential

Tourist potential

  • The Volga
  • Undory
  • Sengileevskiye Gory nature reserve
  • Dendropark


  • Volga Cup Regatta
  • Survival race on UAZ off road vehicles in Arskoye village
  • Simbirsky Park sports complex
  • Leninskye Gorki sports complex

Historical-cultural tourism

  • Russian coast
  • Crafts centre
  • 21st Century Nature Reserve

Health tourism

  • Recuperation at the RIAR health centre
  • Seven recreation, rest and health homes in picturesque corners of the region

Historical monuments

  • V.I. Lenin Museum
  • I.A. Goncharov Local History Museum
  • A.A. Plastov Museum of Modern Fine Arts
  • I.A. Goncharov Museum
  • Museum of Russian Civil Aviation

City symbols

  • Volga
  • UAZ
  • Aviastar
  • Venets
  • Lenin
  • Karamzin
  • Oblomov
  • с. Ундоры Природный заказник «Сенгилеевские горы» Черное озеро, Теренгульский район Дендропарк
  • Юлово озеро, Инзенский район р.п. Языково, Карсунский район