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Investment Declaration

Ulyanovsk Region
Investment Declaration
  1. We recognise attracting investment to be the main tool for developing the region.
  2. We consider Russian and foreign investment to be equally important.
  3. We give preference to the projects with high labour productivity, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.
  4. We are ready to provide investors with the most favourable conditions in Russia for implementing projects.
  5. We guarantee that the investor will be exempt from covering the costs not related to project implementation.
  6. We put together an Integrated Project team made up of state and investor representatives in order to implement projects efficiently.
  7. We respect the investor´s right to choose suppliers or any other contractors freely.
  8. We strive to create the conditions necessary to provide investment projects with highly qualified employees.
  9. We believe that one of our main tasks is to create a comfortable environment for local residents and visitors to the region.
  10. We are ready to take on new challenges and be flexible in order to conduct an effective investment policy.