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«Open region» economic magazine

Open Region 2016
01.11.2016 Open Region 2016

REVOLUTION is forthcoming.
A technological one.

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Open Region 2015
24.08.2015 Open Region 2015

Everybody to the park!
Investors are calling suppliers to locate their production in the Ulyanovsk Region, p. 36

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Open Region 2014
19.08.2014 Open Region 2014

Multifunctional zone
Residents of airport SEZ begin to interact with each other, p. 24

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Open Region 2013
06.06.2013 Open Region 2013

New challenges – new approaches
The goal is not crisis-prone projects
Our goal is to create modern high-tech enterprises in the region, with high level of production culture, projects that are not vulnerable to crisis, p. 8

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Open Region 2012
06.09.2012 Open Region 2012

From the first person
To qonquer ourselves
Ulyanovsk region Governor: can the region develop aviation all by itself, p. 8

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Open Region 2012 / Culture
20.07.2012 Open Region 2012 / Culture

Is culture a master or a maid?
Centers of attraction
Ulyanovsk Region is looking for new forms of culture tourism, p.21

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Open Region 2011
22.07.2011 Open Region 2011

Does Russia need aviation
Discussion before the Future
Participants and experts tell about the problems to be discussed at the First Internationa Air transport Forum, p. 9

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Open Region 2010
15.06.2010 Open Region 2010

Breakthrough team
Innovative approach to the region's economy
Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation puts comfortable environment in the first place of investment attractiveness p. 9

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