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A LED products company to start project implementation in the Ulyanovsk region


Within the meeting, which took place on 20 June, the Governor Sergey Morozov and the investor signed an agreement on placement of an Ecobase Global facility (Slovenia) in the territory of the special economic zone. It will also receive the status of the resident of the Ulyanovsk SEZ.

Earlier the Expert Council of the port special economic zone approved the application of the company for project implementation. The investment agreement was signed at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. At the moment, all arrangements between the investor and the region have been formalized, the company starts creation of a multifunctional factory for production of LED street lighting.

“Today we are renovating urban environment in the whole region. We will change utility systems both in Ulyanovsk and in Dimitrovgrad, creating a new environment with the use of modern digital technologies (including the "smart" systems of lighting).This project fits perfectly into our "smart region" strategy. Light systems are completely automated and can control street lighting. It is also possible to use these systems with video surveillance and WiFi”, – the head of the region noted.

The company manufactures goods on the basis of the modern international standards and technologies. Inert gases are not used in the course of production, so it does not require special methods of utilization and allows to create an environmentally friendly product.

“In the Ulyanovsk region we found a team which understood and supported us, became interested in the project. We want to make your city beautiful and bright with the use of our advanced technologies. We will implement "smart city" technologies in the project. This means there will be no need for additional floodlamps and communication relay systems that are traditionally used in city lighting systems. There will be one beautiful lighting device with the built-in cameras and a WiFi system and it will placed in appropriate road sections”, – said Alexander Savelyev, the director of OOO "Ecobase Global".

The investment at the first stage of project implementation will total 300 million rubles. This number will increase up to 600-700 million rubles at the following stages.

"At the first stage of the project, the company will place assembly production in a facility of the industrial park of the special economic zone, whe construction of which is reaching completion. At the same time, the investor will design and build its own site in PSEZ. Startung with simple assembly, the company will continue with localization of LED production. This is a hi-tech project that will use modern technologies, which are new for Russia. The SEZ was built specifically for this kind of facilities. In addition, production is aimed at not only import substitution, but also at export in in the long term", – said Sergey Vasin, the CEO of the Ulyanovsk Region Development Corporation.

The company will launch LED production in Ulyanovsk while recruiting and training staff. It is planned to employ about 500 people (the same amount as at the plant in Slovenia). At the same time, the investor aims to hire production personnel. In Europe, administrative staff consists of only 10 people; other ones are highly qualified professionals. European colleagues will help to train employees at the first stage, then this work will be done by educational institutions of the region. The higher and secondary educational institutions will create training programmes according to the application of the investor – the list of necessary specialties and the required number of experts.

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