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Part of the federal high-speed line to be constructed in the territory of the Ulyanovsk region


Today the Governor Sergey Morozov discussed this issue with the Director-General of JSC High-Speed Rail Lines Aleksandr Misharin. The meeting took place within the X International forum "Transport of Russia".

The section of the road in the Ulyanovsk region will become a part of the main Moscow-Kazan railway line. It is planned that a large high-speed line will be built in the territory of the region along the Cheboksary-Ulyanovsk-Samara route. The road will allow to connect these great cities to the main highway.

"Participation of the Ulyanovsk region in this project is of paramount importance for transport connectivity of country's inhabitants and for sustainable development of the entities of the Russian Federation. Currently there are all prerequisites for construction of a high-speed railroad in the region. We are also looking into the possibility of using the lower deck of President Bridge. This section of the road will become a part of the future highway", - Alexander Misharin said.

Implementation of this project will contribute to increased comfort, safety and profitability of transportation. It will also become the perfect catalyst for the introduction of advanced technological solutions and know-how in the rail transport industry.

"Today, when the technological initiative is being implemented and the new economy of the region is being created, it is of particular importance to address the issue of transport accessibility. For people, for investors, for cargo shipping. History has shown that success of the territory is directly affected by the travel rate across it. Currently it is very important to be included into the project of high-speed rail development. It will take four hours to reach, for example, Moscow, and a little bit longer to come to St. Petersburg, Anapa or Sochi. It will be possible to get there within one night. In addition, new growth points of economy and territories attractive for investments will be formed at the stations, which will occur every 50-100 km", - the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region emphasized.

The head of the region also noted that new transport infrastructure will allow to connect two large regional centers: Ulyanovsk and Dimitrovgrad. "The main requirement to the new highway is that it should not take a person more than 20-30 minutes to travel from city to city. This will be achieved with the help of high-speed trains. Thanks to it, both workers and students of higher education institutions will be able to travel between Dimitrovgrad and Ulyanovsk on daily basis", - Sergey Morozov commented.

A working group will be created in the nearest future to look into the issues of paramount importance for the project implementation. The initial plans include discussion of the budget necessary for development of project documentation and a route of the high-speed highway.

According to the dedicated experts, the Moscow-Kazan high-speed railway will run across seven territories: Moscow and Moscow region, Vladimir and Nizhny Novgorod regions, the Chuvash Republic, Mari El and Tatarstan. Further development of the line involves its extension to Yekaterinburg. Launch of the highway will reduce the train movement time between Moscow and Kazan fourfold: from the current 14 hours up to 3.5 hours.