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Investment Message by the Governor of the Ulyanovsk region for 2017


Dear ladies and gentlemen, partners and future partners!

I always ask why some regions were able to adapt to changes and some could not turn them into a source of development?

Look at the international experience. Successful regions have a lot in common: talented people, many public and creative organizations,clear social, economic and political goals.

Leadership is one of the most important things in these regions. That is demonstrated by bold public initiatives and undertakings, by risky private investments, by networks of interlinked business and socially useful projects.

But! I would like to stress that it is the world practice! The key factor, which helped to respond quickly to emerging changes, was understanding of issues related to education, culture and business. They show values and form identities.

Today we can address the main issue in the project "Creative Region - are we capable of changing views of people and organizations, and if so, how should we do it?"

The main answer lies in a special creative and business environment.

Speaking about tasks and plans for 2017, we need to know about 6 shocks, which have an impact on world economy (and us as well). The 1st shock is demography (in 2050 there will be 9 billion people on earth); The 2nd shock is the political situation, which is getting worse; The 3rd shock are information technologies and development of the Internet; The 4th shock is the fact that mineral resources will run out soon; The 5th shock are extremely fragile economic relations; The 6th shock is "green" economy, which emerged as a response to global warming.

For this reason, looking forward into 2017 and beyond, we should be guided by Basic Values and the Formula for Success of our region, as well as understand the most important tasks set at the current stage of development.

What are they?

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Source: Goverment of the Ulyanovsk Region