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Project of the Ulyanovsk region "Technology Valley" to be implemented within 15 years


On 7 February, the Governor Sergey Morozov held the first meeting of the Advisory Council for implementation of a programme of technologically advanced projects "Technocampus 2.0 — Technology Valley — Santor". During the event, which took place under the chairmanship of the world famous international expert in the field of science and investments Martin Hinoul (Business Development Manager, KU Leuven Research & Development), the current status of projects was discussed, as well as plans for the nearest future.

"This is not my first visit to the Ulyanovsk region, and over this time I was able to learn about the work that had been done in the region. I am well informed about all details of the Technocampus 2.0 project and I believe that it will be implemented successfully. Sergey Morozov is an amazing leader who is surrounded by a team of young, ambitious professionals. I am a chairman of the Advisory Council. The Ulyanovsk region has all components necessary for success. There are not ideal in all parts of the region and in some of them additional efforts are required, but cooperation with Leuven will speed up this process. According to Sergey Morozov, experience of Leuven will help to implement the project of the Ulyanovsk Technology Valley within 15 years instead of 40 as it was in other territories", - Martin Hinoul emphasized.

The head of the region expressed personal interest in project implementation. "It is the most complex and long-term task that I set for the team. I personally held negotiations and meetings with partners and set the high pace necessary to fulfill the tasks. It is an absolutely new project not only for the Ulyanovsk region but also for the whole country. We will be able to rely only on our knowledge, creativity and professionalism. We should do our best to implement this project. While in Sweden, I was introduced to the unique science and technology park, which was established in Stockholm within 40 years. We do not have that much time, so we must accomplish all the tasks in 15 years. And I promise that you will see a completely different city of Ulyanovsk", - the Governor announced.

In addition, the head of the region noted that for successful implementation of the project it is nesessary to recruit not only representatives of the innovative cluster but also executive bodies and heads of municipalities. "The Ministry for Competition and Economic Development should provide a plan of actions on improvement of region's position in the rating of innovative development. The task of the Ministry of Education is to develop measures aimed at involvement of scientists and researchers from the leading higher education institutions, research and development establishments, and representatives of innovative clusters from both the Russian Federation and abroad. We are also waiting for proposals regarding support mechanisms for implementation of ULSTU projects, which is one of our leading partners. I am speaking about several things, which include development of the IT sphere, establishment of a large career center for children and young people, which will be respected by the scientific community, creation of a unique platform for debate and information exchange in the form of a youth innovative forum. The "smart city" and "e-government" projects, as well as agglomeration should work in close liaison with each other. That said, the heads of municipalities should understand and assume their responsibility", - Sergey Morozov emphasized.

At the meeting of the Council considered the educational component of the project that includes the concept of a new school and elements of additional education. So, in the future this space will also consist of an eco kindergarten, a technical college and a university. Before the end of the year, a design concept of a housing community for residents will be developed, which will include all infrastructure necessary for comfortable living.

According to the head of the Agency for Technological Development of the Ulyanovsk region Vadim Pavlov, the main areas of work are the following: to involve representatives of the scientific and research community, scientists, professionals from federal development institutions and international experts into implementation of the Technocampus project; to form an administrative framework, including the regional legislation; to develop a draft bill "About the Technology Valley of the Ulyanovsk Region". Fifteen thousand sq.m were allocated for Technocampus construction and budgets for development of design specifications and estimates were set.

The Advisory Council will meet regularly. It is expected to review proposals from all participants of the project and to give them expert assessment.