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Ulyanovsk enterprises strengthen intraregional cooperation in industrial production


On 21 July, the Governor Sergey Morozov took part in the launch of new equipment at the plant on production of plastic products of OOO "Ulplast". The head of the region also examined production capacities of the enterprise and was briefed on the course of construction of a logistic warehouse for finished parts.

“Our main task is to build a strong competitive economy. For this purpose, we need to produce high quality products that will be delivered not only within the country but also outside it. It is important for us that our large enterprises and foreign partners, who settle down in the territory of the Ulyanovsk region today, had partners in the region. We, in turn, will promote strengthening of cooperation chains, - the head of the region emphasized. - Today the new technological complex has started to work at the Ulplast plant, which is a supplier of products for a number of Ulyanovsk companies. It means that the enterprise will receive additional orders and its workers will have a good salary. The most important part is that the production will conform to world requirements and standards that heads of foreign companies established for their enterprises”.

As the Director-General of OOO "Ulplast" Sergey Romanov noted, the current customers of the plant are both Russian and large regional car companies. Today among them is Takata and the issue of cooperation is being negotiated with such enterprises as Schaeffler Manufacturing Rus and ISUZU Rus.

Over the first six months of 2017, the plant made goods worth more than 54 million rubles. This is by 45% more than for the same period in 2016. The volume of shipped goods has also increased by 43%.

In 2017, the plant will increase the output by 20% with the help of a new automatic molding machine. “Today we have launched a new technological complex of Wittmann Battenfeld (Austria). It is one of the European leaders in production of equipment for plastic molding. It has a system of automatic quality control that will allow to identify deviations from the set technological parameters in timely manner. It will increase quality of products. We will become more competitive and will have new opportunities for development of the enterprise”, - Sergey Romanov explained.

As a reference:

OOO "Ulplast" was established in September 1996. More than 60 people are working at the plant now. The major share of the company's production (95%) consists of automotive components. The enterprise became one of the first suppliers of TAKATA Rus and today it delivers more than 20 types of goods. Production of OOO "Ulplast" can be found in cars manufactured by UAZ, VAZ, RENAULT, DATSUN, Gazelle, in URAL and KAMAZ trucks, and PAZ and KAVZ buses.