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Ulyanovsk enterprises expand production volumes for export


On July 5, the Governor Sergey Morozov examined production of AO "CTC "Metallokonstruktsiya" and discussed further development of the plant with its management.

“I am very happy to see that the enterprise, which once had huge wages arrears, is the national leader in the sector today. Production of the plant is available nationwide, from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka. The Ulyanovsk complex technical center “Metallokonstruktsiya" has 12 branches just in Russia, as well as representatives abroad. This ensures a steady and increasing flow of finances into the regional budget, and we, in turn, guarantee to fulfill all social obligations", - Sergey Morozov emphasized.

According to the experts of the plant, today 12 branches are working in Russia: in Ulyanovsk, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar, Voronezh, Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Surgut, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Yakutsk, Krasnoyarsk, Khabarovsk. Representative offices of the enterprise are also present abroad: in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovenia, the Baltic States, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Turkey. At the same time, the enterprise is expanding production volumes for export.

"Just over the first half of 2017 the plant exported more than 6.5 thousand tons of production worth about 338 million rubles. For comparison, 5 thousand tons of goods worth 219 million rubles were exported in the same period in 2016. Thus, manufacturing output for export expanded by approximately 35%. Since the start of the year, we have shipped 19 thousand tons of products worth more than 1.67 billion rubles. The total amount of taxes exceeded 140 million rubles", - explained Alexander Shcherbina, the Deputy Director General of AO "CTC "Metallokonstruktsiya".

In 2017, the average number of employees of the enterprise has exceeded 650 people; the average salary amounted to over 32 thousand rubles.

The head of the region held a working meeting with directors of large industrial enterprises of the Ulyanovsk region at the premises of CTC "Metallokonstruktsiya". Participants discussed industrial production results for the five months.

According to the First Deputy Prime Minister of the region Andrey Tyurin, for January-May 2017 the index of industrial production in the Ulyanovsk region made 109.4%; throughout the Russian Federation this indicator amounts to 101.7%. While processing, the index has reached 109.2% (in the Russian Federation – 100.9%).

“Over five months, corporate manufacturers have shipped goods worth 94.7 billion rubles. The largest volume of production (11.2 billion rubles) was provided by OOO "UAZ". This makes about 11% of all industrial goods shipped across the region and 14% in terms of the manufacturing sector. AO "Isuzu Rus" has the greatest share. This is the leader on the shipment rate. The indicator has almost doubled and reached 3.4 billion rubles. The share of the products sold by AO "Ulyanovsk Instrument Manufacturing Design Bureau" was about 2.4% in the total amount of shipment. AO "Ulyanovsk Motor Plant", OOO "Takata", AO "NPO "Mars" have almost the same share in the industry of the region. The volumes of goods sold by each of these enterprises makes about 1.3% in the total amount of shipped production across the region”, - Andrey Tyurin n