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Delegation of the Ulyanovsk region signed 14 agreements and held about 30 meetings within SPIEF-2017


On June 6, the Governor Sergey Morozov announced outcomes of the work at the St. Petersburg Forum during the meeting with members of the regional Government. He also noted that agreements were signed with three new investors and discussions were held with two partners regarding the prospects for further cooperation.

“Today we live in rapidly developing world and any delay, any stagnation poses the risk of being left behind by progress. Russia is changing together with the whole planet and is even ahead of many other countries in some spheres. We adopt the best practices and is becoming a more and more open and creative state. The St. Petersburg Forum has clearly demonstrated it. Strategic planning should become our main objective. We need to research the matters that will allow the Ulyanovsk region to become a high-tech and creative territory. The one that would be considered as a world leader”, - the Governor announced.

He ordered members of the Government to work out proposals on implementation of the best world and Russian practices, to establish cooperation not only with other states but also with the neighboring regions and remote territorial entities of the Russian Federation. “Within SPIEF-2017 we signed several agreements with Russian territories such as Karelia, Ingushetia, and Novgorod. I am sure that all of them have something that we can learn from and they give us such an opportunity. Our task is to use it to the maximum!”, - Sergey Morozov emphasized.

SPIEF-2017 took place in St. Petersburg from June 1 to June 3. In addition, individual activities were organized within the Forum's Day 0 (May 31). The delegation of the region participated in the majority of them. On May 31, the Governor Sergey Morozov presented the initiative of the Ulyanovsk region on development of monoterritories. He reported that federal experience in the field of monotowns was used at the region level and a new concept of "monoprofile settlement" (monocity) was developed. The First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Igor Shuvalov praised the initiative of the Ulyanovsk region. He noted that it is an excellent and efficient project. On the same day, Sergey Morozov showed experience of the Ulyanovsk region regarding support of women’s entrepreneurship. Projects of the Ulyanovsk region were recognised in the Arab States, which was announced by the President of the Arab Business Women Council Her Highness Sheikha Hissa Saad al-Abdullah al-Salim al-Sabah.

On June 1, the Ulyanovsk region and Philips signed an agreement on partnership. Cardiology will become the main direction of cooperation. The agreement includes joint research of the issue on complex improvement of treatment provided to patients with cardiovascular diseases at all stages: preventive measures, diagnostics and treatment. The project aims to reveal problem zones in the existing three-level system of treatment for patients suffering from heart failure and to create optimum conditions to enhance the system on the basis of the data received after the research. On the same day, an agreement was signed with the largest IT-company "Yandex". The educational project "Yandex Lyceum" provides eighth-graders and ninth-graders with training in programming. In the future, this practical knowledge will help teenagers to pass final examinations more successfully and to show the best results when applying to the higher educational institutions. Platforms for its implementation have been set in the region. They include the IT-lyceum based on the Ulyanovsk State Technical University, the children's Techno Park "Kvantorium", and Dimitrovgrad municipal gymnasium.

In addition, new projects on improvement of education quality are being implemented in the Ulyanovsk region in collaboration with the federal publishing house "Prosveshcheniye". This agreement was signed on 1 June.

On June 2, the main investment rating of the country was announced. The region took the 10th place. The Head of ASI (Agency for Strategic Initiatives) in the Volga Federal District Sergey Bocharov praised achievements of the region in this sphere. "The fact that the region was included into the top-10 of the investment rating shows us that this territory will remain attractive for investors no matter which method of business climate assessment is used", - the expert noted. It is worth mentioning that within SPIEF-2017, investment agreements were signed with the following companies: Magellan (sewing production), Ecobase (light-emitting diodes), Prism (accessories for automotive industry). Verbal agreements were reached with Mars and Fortum to continue cooperation.

On June 2, the Governor Sergey Morozov and the Head of the Talent and Success Foundation Elena Shmelyova signed an agreement on creation of a Regional Center for Identification and Support of exceptional children in the sphere of art, sport and science in the Ulyanovsk region.

During the last day of the forum, the head of the region signed an agreement with the head of ASI Svetlana Chupsheva on implementation of the project "Magazin Vernih Resheniy" ("Storehouse of Right Decisions") in the territory of the Ulyanovsk region. The project is an online platform that will collect the best practices and initiatives of territorial entities of the Russian Federation.

“The forum was a successful experience for us, but it also made us think and reconsider our views regarding many processes. We made presentations at various venues; we acted as experts and shared our own experience. We were also listeners adopting the best practices and the region with a high-quality base for placement of investment productions. It is obvious that we must not stop at what we have already achieved. It is necessary to develop and do it as quickly as possible, focusing on innovations, high technologies, effective work with human resources. Only this way will help us to hold our positions and to become the leader, the world creative region in the face of the world progress” - the Governor Sergey Morozov summarized.