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Over the year the number of residents of the port special economic zone "Ulyanovsk" has increased by 11


While addressing deputies of the Legislative Assembly of the Ulyanovsk region, the Governor Sergey Morozov noted that the number of residents has grown from five (the beginning of 2016) to sixteen members.

The head of the region emphasized that attracting investors and creating the infrastructure will still be the priority tasks of the region's economic policy. “Today competition in the struggle for investors has increased and approaches to the rating of investment appeal of regions have changed. That is why we pay a lot of attention to establishment of a high-quality investment infrastructure. First of all, it concerns the Ulyanovsk Special Economic Zone, which has the greatest potential and is focused on foreign markets. I think that our main achievement in 2016 was that we managed to delegate authority for managing the SEZ from the federal level to the regional one. It has considerably increased the efficiency in addressing pressing issues. For example, the procedure on conclusion of agreements with future residents was simplified and shortened. This helped us attract new participants to the SEZ”, - the head of the region emphasized.

In addition, over this period of time, the first-stage infrastructure facilities of PSEZ were put into operation. This year, a customs complex will be commissioned. According to the director of the Port Special Economic Zone Denis Baryshnikov, one can find all the necessary infrastructure for work of industrial productions in the territory of 120 hectares, which includes more than 140 km of networks, highways, and a taxiway of the F-category with the total length of 575 m. Residents are provided with all important infrastructure resources. “In the past, investors could see the project of SEZ in our presentations. Today, they can witness work of a fully functional industrial platform and their future neighbors, who are developing the productions. It is the best argument for the potential resident”, - the director explained.

As the Prime Minister of the region Alexander Smekalin has noted, today special attention is paid to production of goods. "We already have a deep understanding of the key zones of the SEZ. These are the aviation industry and everything connected with it, territories of industrial parks and logistic complexes. It is planned to create a center for customization and maintenance of Russian planes, as well as production of small aviation aircrafts. In August, construction of the industrial park will be completed. Nevertheless, potential residents have already occupied almost all its venues. Today the entire logistic flow is actively developing and wholesale distribution centers, which will start their work this year, are coming to the territory of SEZ", - said the head of the regional Cabinet of Ministers.

Industrial parks are one of the main economic development points. Currently, there are more than 10 of them in the territory of the region. These are parks of two types: multi-purpose and specialized. In addition, the concept of municipal industrial parks - small platforms with a single infrastructure for small business - will be implemented in the region. They will become the points of growth and zones of the advancing development of local and intermunicipal importance.

One of the largest and most promising sites is the industrial park "Dimitrovgrad". It is a multi-purpose park that will help to solve some major tasks on providing vacant spaces for placement of enterprises and diversification of the city economy, as well as creation of new jobs. In 2017, almost 150 million rubles will be allocated for construction of this park's infrastructure. This include money received from the Monotowns Development Fund and from the regional budget. The Ministry of Economic Development approved the application on establishment of the territory of the advancing social and economic development (TASED) in Dimitrovgrad.

The industrial park "Zavolzhye" has already proved its efficiency. Following the results of 2016, one ruble of budget investments in infrastructure of the park is equivalent to 32.4 rubles of residents' investments and 10.7 rubles of taxes to the budget. The main territory of the park is already occupied by residents. Currently, twenty-eight investment projects with total investment of about 48 billion rubles are being implemented in the region. The enterprises provided jobs to about 3 thousand inhabitants of the region. When fully implemented, the projects involve creation of about 2 thousand more new jobs.

In addition, Ulyanovsk business is actively participating in the work of enterprises located in Zavolzhye industrial zone. Over the last three years, the number of local suppliers has increased five-fold.